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Tooth Replacement Options That Are Widely Recommended by Dentists

Whether you’ve got a few missing teeth and want to replace them or facing some dental issues that require nothing but a complete replacement, then there are multiple options to opt for but it can be quite confusing which one is right for you. In this article, we’ll cover the different ways that dental experts might recommend to you for replacing your teeth.

One option is to just replace one or two of your teeth without doing anything else but by opting for a bridge which can be done with porcelain crowns or metal braces. Another option is to replace all of your missing teeth at once with a full mouth reconstruction. A full mouth reconstruction would include both porcelain crowns and metal braces as well as other cosmetic solutions such as veneers or dentures. There are a few more options as well, let’s explore each one of them thoroughly in the following sections:

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most popular option for replacing missing teeth, even if it’s a single tooth or a complete set. Implants establish a strong foundation which makes them one of the most recommended options. However, as with any implant-based solution, you’ll need to go through a long healing process before your new set of teeth can be inserted. The best feature of dental implants is that they look like natural teeth and function like ones. Their durability is also remarkable as they can last for many years if proper oral care is maintained.

Implant-supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are a good option for people who have lost all of their teeth. These implants are surgically placed in your jawbone, and then a denture is attached to the implants. Implants can last for many years if they’re taken care of properly, so this type of replacement is an ideal choice if you don’t want to keep visiting the dentist for the same issues. When selecting implant-supported dentures at your dentist’s office or clinic, make sure that they must be made from silicone or plastic.

This material will allow doctors to fit them securely onto your jawbone while also providing optimal comfort during everyday activities like eating and speaking. The base of each piece is wider than it is deep which ensures stability when chewing food during meals. The benefit of implant-supported dentures is that they are an affordable option and is quite easy to maintain.

Fixed Bridges

A fixed bridge is a renowned tooth replacement option that involves attaching an artificial replacement to the teeth on either side of the one you want to replace, usually using metal screws. While this type of restoration can last anywhere from 10 years to 20, it is recommended only for those who have been unable to find an expert willing or able to perform a full-mouth restoration. This procedure is done by drilling holes into your existing teeth and then inserting artificial ones into them. The procedure takes about 30 minutes and costs a hefty amount depending on how many implants are needed.

Removable Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures are a famous alternative to complete dentures. They can be used for a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth and can be made of acrylic and plastic, which is attached to the teeth with metal clasps. These partial dentures can be removed for cleaning and maintenance purposes which gives them an edge over other options. The dentures are inserted into the jawbone during surgery, and they act as anchors for the partial denture. This option is said to be pocket-friendly as compared to implants or fixed bridges. Plus, the treatment is noninvasive so you can consider it if recommended by doctor.

Complete Dentures

If you are looking for a permanent solution, complete dentures are the best option. They are a removable replacement for all of the teeth in your mouth and can be made from either plastic or porcelain. Compared with partial dentures, a complete denture is required when there’s not a single tooth left and that’s the reason it is exclusively supported by tissues. It is said to last for around 7 to 10 years and is recommended for being economical and easy to repair process.

Final Verdict

You may be wondering if there’s anything else you should know about replacing teeth. The truth is, there are many options available that you can explore in detail by visiting the nearest Dentist Dublin. You can discuss your goals with them and choose the best option for you. It’s important to remember that not every tooth replacement option will work for everyone, so don’t be afraid to ask all that you have in mind before undergoing any dental procedure. Additionally, the expert will suggest the best option based on the condition of your teeth. So, if you think that it’s time for an implant, just search Dentist Near Me on your mobile and pay a visit to a dental expert to get the process started.